Osoplus Lubricants is a leading lubricant manufacturing company having great presence in Malaysia. Osoplus Lubricants established in 2008 with the primary focus of manufacturing and marketing of specialty lubricants like: Passenger Car Motor Oil, Motorcycle Oil, Gear Oil and Industrial Oil. We are having a good presence in Malaysia with a significant role in lubricants industry. The strength of Osoplus Lubricants is in dedicated personnel to service our customer/partner round the clock, financial stability, product inventory and prompt delivery.

We are consistently improving the performance of our all products through the development of our own unique type of synthetic based oil technology combined with innovative additive packages. We utilize the most advanced formulation and state of the art technology; the products are fully tried, tested and proven both in laboratory and fields. All international standard have been followed during the manufacturing process and the laboratory checks made on all products before they leave the blending plant. Our products are guaranteed to perform as per the specifications of API (American Petroleum Institute)

Over the years, we have gained unique experience and expertise. With more than 50 people employed in our company, contributing with technical and operational competencies, have strengthen us to be the chosen partner by regional and international companies


Our vision is to become world leading independent manufacturer of high-quality lubricants and greases products. Through the pursuit of service and technical excellence we aim to continuously meet and exceed the demands placed upon us by our diverse customer base.


Our mission is to grow both geographical and product markets to drive revenue growth. Development of competencies within our distribution and enhanced customer understanding will enable us to achieve our vision


We are extremely proud of the values we hold which have created the foundations on which our success has been built:

  • Our business is run with the utmost degree of integrity from top management down to every single employee
  • We are committed to undertaking processes and operations which ensure any impact on the environment is minimised
  • Our management team leads by example and instils, and encourages, a strong work ethic across the whole workforce



7. Jalan PJS 7/21, Bandar Sunway AY,

46150 Subang Jaya, Selangor.


TEL : 03-5613 3339